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 Surgical techniques and videos were invented and produced by Dr. Shawn Cohen. Subscribe to Dr. Cohen's YouTube Channel for updates!

Shawn Cohen's YouTube Channel (Click on image below)   Micro-Incision Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery (Trabeculectomy)    
Shawn Cohen MD  
XEN Glaucoma Implant and Left-Handed Surgery for the Right-Handed Surgeon Chirurgie de la cataract: Haute efficacité
Super Phaco Pearls Volume 1 Super Phaco Pearls Volume 2: Surgical Security
Laser Assisted Bladeless Cataract Surgery Super Phaco Pearls Vol. 3: Laser Cataract Surgery
High Efficiency Cataract Surgery   High Efficiency Cataract Surgery: English Narration Version
Score and Bloom Technique   Score and Bloom Technique Walkthrough
Perfect Plus Technique   Small Pupil Technique    
Phaco Shadows: Toronto Cataract Course 2016 - 1st Place resident video by Dr. Kim Le (Dr. Shawn Cohen as Instructor)   Alcon Dry Eye Video and Systane Ultra Action*    
CTV News with Mutsumi Takahashi January 8, 2019     CTV News with Mutsumi Takahashi January 2, 2018    
CTV News with Mutsumi Takahashi January 7, 2020    CTV News with Mutsumi Takahashi March 9, 2021     

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